While vocabulary of just 50 words is enough to ask for directions, knowledge of the 3000 words will allow you to express almost everything you may want to say in a language of your choice.

So, how to achieve that?

Welcome to MoreWords.today – A place to learn words you need.

How to use it

Choose or create new session

A session in MoreWords is a collection of words based on real-world text – an article, book, or scientific work. You have an option to choose from ready-made sessions, yet we would like to encourage you to create your own session on the basis of text what suit you best.

Choose session Create your own session

Learn the words

Once you have found or created a session you like, choose target language and click Start learning. MoreWords will create an exercise containing a small list of words to learn and ask you to guess their translation. Keep entering translation by translation until MoreWords makes sure you know or have learned all the words in exercise.

At that point we suggest you to congratulate yourself – you have learned few more words today.


For every new exercise MoreWords takes into account what you have learned already, all you have to do is keep exercising the same session until you know all the words in that session.

When you are done with one session, start another.

To make sure MoreWords does not forget what you have learned take the opportunity to Register. It's free.